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A new book will debut this Fall

N Is For Noah!

We are in the production process now – going over the content and setting up the design.

Noah on the telephone

This is a wonderful ABC bedtime book for children 1-7 years old.

The book, N Is For Noah, is a collection of bed time stories in ABC format.

N Is For Noah is not the typical ABC book.

N Is For Noah is a collection of alphabetical stories. From Adding Ami to Zipping Zev, the book takes children through an alphabet of activities exploring their feelings and teaching positive values. Adding Ami introduces arithmetic. Cari Cartwheel, Dancing Debbie, and Exercising Emma work out. Nice Noah adds a touch of netiquette and social rules while Pepper Planting Pretty Peggy addresses the environment. Each story is accompanied by vibrant artwork of each character.


Nice Noah prepares a list for being nice on the Internet:

  1. Stay calm if someone is talking badly about you.
  2. Don’t use the Internet as a weapon.
  3. Don’t post something you would not show in public.
  4. Don’t say something you would not say to a person’s face.
  5. Ask what your Mom or Dad would do.
  6. Respect other people.
  7. Don’t friend and unfriend too fast.

Nice Noah posts his list online.

Nice Noah had plenty of likes to his list.

Nice Noah brings his list to school.

The teacher likes Nice Noah’s list.

“What did you do today?” Nice Noah’s mother asked.

Before Nice Noah answered he thought.

“I made a list on being nice. We should be nice to people because we want people to be nice to us.”

That’s what Nice Noah said.  

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